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At Convene, we believe in the impact of effective meetings on board success. Our board portal offers a comprehensive suite of tools that enhances collaboration, accelerates decision-making, and empowers governance. Experience firsthand how Convene can elevate your board’s performance.

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Redefining Excellence in Board Management

Consider choosing Convene as your go-to directors’ software. Here’s why: Users worldwide highly rate our board portal, and top-tier companies rely on us to drive successful meetings and foster superior governance.


Preferred by Leaders, Trusted Globally — Our Board Portal’s Worldwide Impact

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Board Governance Insights at Your Reach

Catalyze Board Collaboration with Our Innovative Portal

Experience smarter, simpler, and more secure work with our board meeting software. Packed with innovative features and tools, Convene enables seamless collaboration for boards and teams, helping achieve goals and exceed expectations effortlessly.

  • Conceptual icon about agenda builder

    Agenda Builder

    Craft your agenda swiftly using drag-and-drop for documents and items.

  • Conceptual icon about meeting scheduler

    Meeting Scheduler

    Easily send invites and schedule one-time or multi-day meetings with just a click.

  • Conceptual icon about video connferencing and integration

    Video Conferencing & Integrations

    Seamless remote meetings with in-app video conferencing or integrations.

  • Conceptual icon about live meeting tools

    Live Meeting Tools

    Foster collaborative meetings with tools like Page Synchronization, Laser Pointer, and Live Annotations.

  • Conceptual icon about voting and approval

    Voting & Resolutions

    Vote anytime, anywhere. Track all decisions through a central dashboard.

  • Conceptual icon about document library

    Document Library

    Centralize data management and customize permissions to control access to files and folders.

  • Conceptual icon about annotations


    Review and annotate documents online/offline, share ideas instantly, or keep private notes.

  • Conceptual icon about minutes taker

    Minutes Taker

    Effortlessly record live meeting minutes and sync action items, votes, and notes in real-time.

  • Conceptual icon about digital signature

    Digital Signature

    Affix your signature and initials on documents instantly. Or sign with your preferred local signature provider for compliance.

  • Conceptual icon about dashboard


    With just a glance, you’ll have a clear overview of your board responsibilities, ensuring you never miss an important deadline or meeting.

  • Conceptual icon about task management

    Task Management

    Easily assign tasks and track progress in real-time throughout meetings.

  • Conceptual icon about audit trail

    Audit Trail

    Empower governance with audit reports detailing meeting activities and data access.


Build Your Governance Suite with Our Other Solutions

Board governance goes beyond management. Enhance and diversify your toolkit with solutions designed to streamline meetings, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve stakeholder engagement.

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Maximize your Microsoft investment with our meeting management software — packed with advanced tools integrated with MS apps — designed to elevate your meeting experience in MS Teams.

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Start future-proofing your ESG reporting with our digital ESG software engineered to streamline your journey by ensuring compliance, consistency, and accuracy of sustainability reporting data — all while safeguarding your strategy and goals.

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Reimagine general meetings through our centralized AGM platform equipped with advanced, interactive capabilities — from registration and voting to Q&A. ConveneAGM is perfectly suited for shareholder and member meetings in any format — be it physical, virtual, or hybrid.


Where Commitment to Excellence
Meets Exceptional Outcomes

Globally, satisfied clients choose Convene for streamlined meetings and efficient board management, trusting in our proven effectiveness.

World YMCA

I would say that with Convene, the user experience is very clear and defined. There are features that can be understood piece by piece, that the learning curve is so smooth and rapid that our users grasp the workings of the board management system within one hour!

Claude-Alain Danthe,
IT and Social Media Manager, World YMCA

America First Credit Union

With its highly efficient board portal for iPad, Android, Windows and Mac, Convene was a clear winner, offering great value for comprehensive features, such as ADFS, intuitive design and stringent security. Convene helped to streamline our board meeting processes to save time and money.

Thayne Shaffer,
Senior Vice President and Controller, America First Credit Union

Institute of Corporate Directors

Convene enables you to be up to speed with what’s happening, improved our board meeting experience, and helped us achieve our organizational objectives. I believe that using Convene Convene enables you to be up to speed with what’s happening, improved our board meeting experience, and helped us achieve our organizational objectives. I believe that using Convene is a step in the right direction because it allows for better engagement, productivity, and a step in the right direction because it allows for better engagement, productivity, and more.

Robert Manabat,
Board of Trustees Member, Institute of Corporate Directors


It was important for our members to be able to access information easily and to securely share important documents during meetings. Convene proved to be very beneficial to us since you can access the platform on a range of offline and online devices

Christina Giannopoulou, Head of Information Security, Piraeus Bank


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Convene handle large enterprise organizations?

    Yes! Users, documents, and processes of large organizations can easily be managed in our board software. Backed up with adept architecture, Convene is highly scalable to accommodate large volume accounts with thousands of users and documents accessed at a given time, with no slow loading times.

    Convene features such as Workspaces, Document Library, and Enterprise Search efficiently supplement the management of enterprise organizations.

  • Convene offers organizations high levels of data protection, access control, availability, and application security, with security measures such as AES-256 document encryption, multi-factor authentication, on-the-fly decryption model, fine-grained access control, automatic purge for lost devices, audit trail and password policies.

  • Directors and administrators can learn the platform in as fast as 30 minutes. Administrators can execute board workflows, such as meeting creation and document review, with just a few clicks. Directors can easily use the Convene App without much assistance due to its familiar and user-friendly interface.

    We deliver everything — deployment and onboarding process, training sessions, and integration setups in Convene — in the express. In a week or less, your organization can enhance the meeting experience as soon as possible.

  • Convene is more flexible and customizable than other board meeting software. It can be integrated with your pre-existing solutions as we support multiple integration options to keep all your existing workflows in place and all board processes in one platform.

  • Our pricing model is on a per-user license, per-year basis. We can also customize pricing based on your budget. Rest assured, Convene’s core functionalities completely address your board needs without sacrificing security and support.

    There are no hidden costs or any other extra add-ons needed to complete the experience, making it a more cost-effective solution in the long run.


Get Started with Convene

See why organizations worldwide are making the switch to board portal for improved board governance. Convene has been rated the top board management software by several trusted sources of technology reviews.

Software Advice: Front Runners 2023
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